Ducky Rose

Asking for prayers of comfort and peace, as we deal with losing our first horse “Ducky”. She fought a hard fight and won the green pastures on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Losing any animal, is hard, but when they are so lovable it’s even harder.

Every little girl wants a pony, My daughter and I finally got ours for my 54th birthday and one month before my daughters 17th birthday.

She was an approximately 16 year old Quarter horse rescued by a local horse rescue from a slaughter house. We had started volunteering at the rescue a few months before and fell in love with her before her purchase was even completed.

After 3 months in quarantine for a respiratory infection, we finally got to take her out of her stall and start walking her and bonding with her, that bond will never be broken.

Just over 3 years later we had to say goodbye to our sweet girl as she succumbed to cancer.

We will love you forever Ducky Rose. Love Mommy, Katie and Daddy.

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