Follow up on Knee Surgery Recovery

I was told before surgery the incison would take 6-8 weeks to heal and I would not be able to drive for 4-6 weeks because of being on narcotics.

Using our Pulse Equine EQ-XX PEMF machine before and after surgery has decreased my recovery time. I had home health in for physical therapy for 3 weeks and I start driving at the beginning of this week (week #4) to go to outpatient physical therapy. After 3 sessions my therapists are amazed at how well I am doing, and here at the end of week #4, the incision is completely closed up.

I still have a few weeks of physical therapy scheduled, another physical therapy evaluation, and an appointment at the doctors before I could be released to go back to work. 

In the meantime I am at home resting, doing exercises, and doing what I can around the house. The hardest thing has been rebuilding my stamina and trying not to overdo it.

In the pictures you will see the healing progression of the bruises. I started the PEMF treatments with the medium rings covering the knee joint, but I switched to the large rings strapped to cover more of the leg because I was having issues with the iliotibial (IT) band being very tight, which was causing problems with pain and the movement of the hip and the knee.

I am still having pain, but the source of the pain has changed from the arthritis and bone on bone before surgery, to soft tissue bruising, incision pain and nerves waking back up and regenerating after surgery.

The after surgery pain changes every day and the PEMF helps by delivering oxygen to the cells – driving out toxins, relaxing muscles, and opening up nerve pathways.

Try PEMF for yourself. Ask me how.

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