Double Duty PEMF

Day 18 Post-Op August 28, 2020
Here we are at Day 18 Post-Op August 28, 2020. I was able to transition from the walker to the cane on Day 14 August 24th and have progressed much quicker than the first two weeks. I am able to take a few steps without the cane and able to accomplish small tasks without assistance, like making toast and carrying a plate of food or a cup of coffee.

Tonight we went to dinner with the family for Mimi’s birthday. This was my longest car yet so far, other than coming home from the hospital. Sitting at a table at the restaurant was a challenge, but that challenge was accepted and completed. I am now doing a PEMF treatment to ease the pain and get ready for bed.

Our Lab had to have surgery yesterday to remove a tumor and my husband asked the Vet about using the PEMF on her and she said YES! So I am attaching a snapshot of me doing a PEMF treatment on Brownie, while also doing one on myself.
Stay tuned for more.

Double Duty PEMF
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