Recovery from Knee Replacement Surgery

First session after surgery.
Post-Op Day 10

In my last post, I talked about doing PEMF sessions before my surgery and wanting to use them right after surgery. Well, as bad luck would have it, I had an accident with our PEMF machine and dumped a glass of water down inside of it. We shipped it off for service before surgery with the hopes of it being back just after I got home from the hospital. Of course, with COVID-19 causing a lot of companies to have limited personnel working and shipping companies being overwhelmed by everyone being at home and ordering everything online, it took longer to get my machine back. It arrived today – 10 days – after surgery.

As I mention in the video below, I woke up in a lot of pain this morning, as it had been about 6 1/2 hours since I had taken any meds, I took all of my meds and then had my husband unpack the machine and set it up for me to use as soon as it got here. I did 60 minutes’ worth of sessions in 4 different locations: knee, calf, hip, lower back, and then back to the knee again. I kept the Magnetic Field Strength (MFS) turned down as low as possible, as a starting point, and then increased to my comfort level when I went back to the knee the second time.

I am so happy to have our machine back, as I am sure it will make a difference in my recovery. The PEMF machine will help with healing the incision, healing the bruising, reducing inflammation, and reducing pain which will all lead to better mobility and flexion of the joint. I mentioned my meds which include aspirin to prevent blood clots, Tylenol for inflammation and pain, a nerve pain medication, and a low dose (5 mg) narcotic pain pill. These are four medications in place of the one anti-inflammatory medication I was taking. All of these medications have helped up to this point, but several of them have the side effect of causing drowsiness, so I have been doing a lot of sleeping, which is also good for the healing process, but after two weeks, as I finished up my narcotic this afternoon and have about a week’s worth of nerve pain medication left, I am looking forward to being awake more and will be using PEMF to control my pain and inflammation.

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