PEMF and Knee Replacement Surgery

I had an active life up until a few years ago. As a kid, I played sports, rode bikes, and liked camping. As an adult, I like to hunt and fish with my husband and daughter. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis several years ago and had to slow down or stop the fun activities, and daily activities have gotten harder, including shopping, driving, and walking. I have now gotten to the point with my left knee that it is finally time for a replacement.

We first started researching ways to help with my everyday pain in the spring of 2019. When we discovered PULSE CENTERS and PEMF we became intrigued with the machines that were built tough enough to use in a barn or a field (being horse owners), as well as at home. This was the start of our small business, so we can provide the power of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to our community and the animals they love.

I have been using the PEMF on my back/neck and my knee for over a year now. I honestly believe that God brought us to PEMF and PEMF is the only reason I have been walking for the past year.

I started my 7-day pre-op quarantine today (thanks to COVID-19), and I have surgery scheduled for August 10th. My doctors’ plan says that it should take 6 weeks for my incision to heal, I plan on using PEMF the first week after surgery to assist my body with the healing process and to decrease the time it takes to heal. I will be sharing my progress here in the blog and on my social media sites.

Say a prayer for me that I get through this process quickly, so I can share PEMF with our community.

PEMF treatment on the left knee using the medium rings.

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