What is Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)?

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy is not a cure, but an alternative therapy designed to HELP treat what ails you or your beloved animal(s). PEMF is a Non-Medical, Drug Free alternative therapy, which uses electro-magnetic fields, applied through a variety of accessories, which helps the body to heal itself through recharging the cells, just like recharging a battery. PEMF opens up nerve pathways, leading to increased circulation and better exchange of oxygen and waste products within the cells. The increased circulations leads to a decrease in inflammation, a decrease

in pain and better movement in joints. PEMF can also be used to heal fractures and wounds, reduce stress, increase relaxation and achieve better sleep. PEMF has been adapted to treat horses, and small animals, and is known for its preventative wellness, as well as it’s healing effects.

Image yourself sitting in a comfortable chair which provides a relaxing deep cellular massage, completely adjustable to your comfort level. Now close your eyes and relax. Over the next 72 hours your body will begin to heal itself, you will know this through your increased energy, decreased pain, increased range of motion and a better night’s sleep.

Do you have a beloved animal that needs PEMF? PEMF sessions in horse’s have been shown to heal wounds, stimulate bone growth, decrease inflammation, reduce if not eliminate pain and discomfort, increase range of motion, reduce stress, induce relaxation, improve athletic performance and behavior.

PEMF is not a replacement for medical advice and treatment and can be used in conjunction with medical treatments, physical therapy, chiropractic and massage therapies.

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